City and County Employee Rights

Serving City Government Employees Across The Region

Our law firm regularly takes on cases for local government employees through Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and the surrounding counties. We fully understand the different local procedures, and we have no difficulty standing up to some of the very large local governments in Hampton Roads.

Representing Government Employees in Norfolk Area

City and County employees, as well as school teachers, have the right to grieve harassment or unfair treatment, and they have the right to a hearing before a grievance panel if terminated. The city will generally be represented by an attorney from the city attorney’s office. Our Norfolk government employee rights lawyers are strong, experienced advocates who will be prepared to present a compelling case before this panel. Over our firm’s history, we have been successful at overturning terminations before local government boards.

If you have a grievance you would like to file as a government employee or find yourself in the midst of a charge or pre-action investigation, you need a skilled employment lawyer to protect your rights. At Ervin Jewett, P.C., in Norfolk, Virginia, our Norfolk federal employee rights attorneys can help. Contact us for a consultation.

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